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DOCUFRAUD CANADA are handwriting experts and providers of forensic examination services of fraudulent documents. Our examiners are certified and court qualified in the examination of Forged Signatures, Altered Documents, Handwriting Analysis and much more.   We are highly accredited and court qualified as forensic experts Canada wide from Vancouver to Halifax and all provinces of Canada including the Bahamas, Bermuda and throughout the Caribbean.  We have provided forensic services to some of Canada’s largest companies and regulatory bodies including this country’s premiere police agencies.

Handwriting and signatures have unique characteristics  that can identify a particular individual. This makes it possible for a document examiner to identify  if a document is genuine or a forgery.  A certified document examiner trained to identify these character traits is able to determine authorship and testify in court as an expert witness.

Having a qualified forensic examiner work on your case results in the savings of hundreds of dollars in court and related fees. We have prepared hundreds of court ready forensic reports for our clients and we can do the same for you.

Our Forensic Document Examiners are rarely asked to make an appearance in court. As this country’s premiere document experts, we have the skills and expertise to examine and prepare a court ready forensic report with all of the elements needed for acceptance by the court. It is this expertise that makes us highly regarded by legal professionals world wide.

If you’re looking for a handwriting specialist near you, or need a forensic expert to examine Altered Documents a forged Signature for Verification, or have a request for service, please complete the form to the right.  Include as much detail as possible and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss your requirements.

  • Microscopic UV / IR and Electrostatic Testing
  • Indentation & Impression Detection
  • Forged Signatures Examined
  • Signature Verification & Comparison
  • Fraudulent or Altered Documents
  • Detection of Digitally Altered Documents
  • Detection of Deletions, Erasures and other Alterations
  • Forensic Handwriting Expert
  • Anonymous Handwritten Letters
  • Comparison Between Writers
  • Writer Identification or Elimination
  • Traced, Freehand and Forgery Testing
  • Graffiti
  • Document Authentication
  • Detection of Forged & Counterfeit Documents
  • Copy & Paste and Scanned Signatures
  • Election Ballots
  • Contested Will / Holographic Will
  • Real Estate Documents
  • Insurance Records
  • Medical Charts
  • Employment Agreements
  • Cheques
  • Legal Contracts and Agreements
  • Bills-of -Sale Contracts
  • Marital and Child Custody Agreements
  • Fingerprint Comparison and Expert Report
Forensic Examiner


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