Handwriting Expert Prepares for Opening of Ontario Courts on July 6, 2020

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Docufraud Canada an expert forensic examiner is preparing cases for Ontario courts relating to the submission of handwriting analysis and signature verification


Toronto, Ontario, Canada July 06, 2020 – Dwayne Strocen, President of Docufraud Canada (docufraudcanada.ca) certified and court qualified expert handwriting examiner announces the Ontario Court of Justice will begin the phase one re-opening on July 6th for both civil and criminal proceedings. This opening resumes gradually in a limited number of court houses beginning with the hearing of cases remotely.  Full implementation is expected to be completed by November 1, 2020.


Ministry of the Attorney General who oversees the court system acknowledges its commitment to increase and improve its access to video conferencing.  There is a large financial cost associated with the up-grade including a thoughtful process for the safety of all participants.  There are safety issues not only for the litigants but also for juries, attorneys and court staff.  Proper planning is underway with consideration to all involved.


Preparation for trial and submission of evidence for expert witness testimony is also underway at Docufraud.  As an expert in the examination of handwriting analysis, signature verification, and altered documents, Docufraud examiners are in full swing in preparation for Ontario’s re-opening, not just Toronto, Ontario’s largest city but for all cities small and large.


When called upon to testify for the benefit of the court, Docufraud will present it’s court ready reports as they relate to fraudulent documents and forged contracts, contested wills, employment contracts and Powers of Attorney on behalf of elderly persons.


Docufraud Canada has not been idle during this time of stay-at-home orders.  We have continued to act on behalf of attorneys and all Canadians whether represented by legal counsel or not.  While our commitment is to aid the Ontario court in an un-biased and impartial manner, we strive to assist all who need our support.


About Docufraud Canada:

We are a Canadian company and one of Canada’s premiere certified and court appointed forensic examiners.  Our examiners have many hours of court experience and our forensic reports have been court recognized in all provinces throughout Canada and the U.S.A including Ontario.  In addition, our forensic reports have been accepted and recognized by the courts in Toronto and  the GTA including Hamilton, London, Windsor, Barrie, Kingston, Kitchener, Ottawa, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, Thunder Bay and others.


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