Forensic Document Expert

DOCUFRAUD CANADA is a provider of forensic document examination services. Our examiners are certified and court qualified as an Expert Witness in Bermuda and Bahamas for the examination of Forged Signatures, Handwriting, Digitally Altered or Manipulated Documents, Fraudulent Agreements and much more.   In addition, we have provided court ready and accepted forensic reports approved by the courts in Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, Trinidad and Tobago and throughout the West Indies.

Our forensic document examiner has testified and provided expert evidence to the Bermuda Commission of Inquiry into Historic Losses of Land.  To view press release, click here.  Although located in Canada, our examiners are highly accredited and are court qualified as experts in the specialty of forensic document examination.  We have provided forensic services to some of the largest companies and regulatory bodies including this country’s premiere police agencies, and now the Bermuda Commission of Inquiry.

If you’re looking for a handwriting specialist near you, or need a forensic document expert Click Here for a complete list of services we offer.

Forensic Examiner
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