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Docufraud Canada Examiner Recognized and Qualified as an Expert Witness

Expert Witness


Docufraud Canada Examiner Recognized and Qualified by Canadian Court as an Expert Witness in Forensic Document Examination

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 12, 2021 / — Dwayne Strocen, President of Docufraud Canada announces its forensic document examiner. Dr. Shabnam Preet Kaur has once again been recognized in court as an expert witness. Testifying before Justice Emery of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Dr. Kaur’s qualifications as a forensic document expert were accepted and allowed to testify and present evidence as an expert witness.

Rules of evidence which govern expert witnesses are similar in most jurisdictions. Perhaps worded slightly different they comprise the same principals. In Ontario and across Canada an expert must satisfy the court of the following conditions:
• The expert must demonstrate a proficiency in the field to which evidence is to be presented to the court;
• An Expert shall provide evidence that is fair, unbiased and impartial;
• An Expert shall provide evidence that is related only to matters that are within the expert’s area of expertise; and
• An Experts overriding duty is to the court regardless of who may have engaged their services.

Generally, testimony by an expert witness is divided into two parts. First is the Voir Dire which is needed to establish the experts qualifications to provide evidence germane to the matter before the court. If all parties are satisfied, the judge will deliver his ruling to allow the expert to present their evidence. In other words, the examiner is recognized as an expert and is Qualified to Testify.

Part two is the testimony in chief. In most instances the experts analysis or forensic report will have been submitted prior to the parties day in court. All parties will have been provided ample time to review and dissect the evidence about to be presented. During testimony, Dr. Kaur’s official forensic report was reviewed in-depth allowing her to elaborate and confirm the results of her examination of the documents provided. Results of the analysis was read to the court culminating in evidence that was deemed to be fair, unbiased and impartial.

While attempts of deception are becoming more and more brazen, the forensic document examiners overriding duty is to the court in-spite of the party who has engaged our services. Dr. Shabnam Preet Kaur provided testimony in a professional and seasoned manner.

One aspect that will not change is the basic rule of law, particularly as it pertains to the use of forensic experts. Docufraud Canada employs fully accredited examiners who are specialists in handwriting analysis, signature verification and the examination of altered documents.

Docufraud continues to review documents, and prepare for court either in the presentation of our notarized reports or simply to confirm the legitimacy of a document or signature. Our work continues and presenting a winning legal strategy is not dependent on chance or a winning smile. It is won by presenting all of the evidence in a manner that is clear and concise. Docufraud continues to represent Canadians in a variety of matters before the court and we can do so for you.

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About Docufraud Canada:

We are a Canadian company and one of Canada’s premiere certified and court appointed forensic examiners.  Our examiners have many hours of court experience and our forensic reports have been court recognized in all provinces throughout Canada and the U.S.A including Ontario.  In addition, our forensic reports have been accepted and recognized by the courts in Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Lebanon, Turks and Caicos, India, Iran, Pakistan, Poland, Tanzania and others.

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